• Can I adopt a corgi for someone else?

No. The person with whom the corgi will live must fill out the application. Taking on a dog is a big responsiblity. You can’t make that decision for someone else.

  • How long will I have to wait until I’m matched with a rescue corgi?

It really depends. If you are very specific about what you are looking for, your wait may be longer than that of someone who is open to adopting an older dog or a dog with some special needs. Please be advised that we receive many applications for adoption, more than the number of Corgis we take in each year.  Not everyone who applies will be able to adopt a Corgi from Lakeshore.

  • Do puppies ever come into rescue?

Rarely, but it does happen. You can bet they won’t be put up on Petfinder, however, as the waiting list for puppies is long.

  • Will my rescued corgi be healthy?

All corgis placed are spayed/neutered before placement if it hasn’t already been done. We update vaccinations and deal with any other health issues that a dog may have before placement. If a dog has a long term, but treatable illness, like diabetes, that will be noted in their description. Obviously, Lakeshore cannot make any long term guarantees about the health or longevity of any rescue corgi we place.

  • Do I need a fenced yard?

Although a fenced yard is preferable, we consider adopters on a case by case basis. Some individual dogs might require a fenced yard, but others are fine with regular walking.

  • Will my rescued corgi have temperament issues?

We screen carefully for temperament. All dogs are held for a minimum period of 2 weeks for evaluation before any potential adopters are contacted. We do not take dogs with known aggression issues toward people, including biters.